Archive | July, 2010

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I’ve spent the last several weeks agonizing over the redesign of my CommunityOne site. CommunityOne is a charity I established here in Cardiff in 2006. It was time for a fresh coat of paint. I also felt I needed to work on the branding a bit. I wanted something simple and clean, with fresh colors. I also wanted to experiment with new fonts, and using the new(ish) @font-face rule.

I decided to use the Inspire* theme from Woothemes as a base. I knew I wasn’t going to be using the theme’s slider, but I liked the overall look of the theme. I was able to get permission from an artist named Kol on deviantart to use his wallpaper “Grass Blades” as my background.

For the fonts I went with League Gothic in the logo and a few of the headings. I decided to use Museo Slab as the main body font and smaller headings. And there’s a little Bello that’s letterpressed into the header background. To use League Gothic and Museo Slab I decided to try out Typekit. It was really simple. I created a free account, added the two fonts to my kit, and was given the CSS and javascript to use.

I also decided to individualize the four services CommunityOne offers. These are now color based. This will help in distinguishing what we offer and with promotional efforts.

The CommunityOne Twitter feed is now tied to the site. And it now has an official RSS feed…both were lacking in the last design.

I’d love to here your feedback on the new look. I have a couple of minor things to add, but I feel good with the new result. And it should be noted, your mileage may vary if you view the site using Internet Explorer. Using IE7 the fonts will not look spot on, and there are a few issues with CSS background images. IE6 is not even worth mentioning. In my humble opinion, if you’re on a Windows based PC, go with Firefox or Safari.

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