Archive | March, 2011

Making Ideas Happen

I was cleaning out an old notebook and came across a few notes I jotted down at a conference a couple of years ago where Scott Belsky from Behance was talking about Making Ideas Happen. I only caught the last half of his talk, but I thought the notes were worth passing along.


  • Share Ideas Liberally
  • Share Ownership of Ideas
  • Seek Competition
  • Fight Your Way to Breakthrough
  • Don’t become burdened by consensus // find sacred extremes – compromise on rest
  • Overcome the Stigma of Self Marketing. Make sure others know what you’re good at.


  • Leaders talk last (silence the visionary)
  • Develop Others through appreciation
  • Reduce your amount of ‘Insecurity Work’
  • Seek Restraint
  • Judge based on Initiative (Not experience)
  • Value Chemistry Over People
  • Unique is Opportune. Defy the status-quo. Shunned before celebrated.

“Nothing Extraordinary is achieved through Ordinary Means.”