Archive | May, 2011

The Starting Place

The new Death Cab for Cutie album, Codes and Keys, came out today. I like the album overall, but one song caught my attention in particular. The song is called “St Peter’s Cathedral“. Here are the lyrics:

St. Peter’s Cathedral built of granite but ever fearful of the answer
When the candle in the tunnel is flickering in sputters and fading faster
It’s only then that you will know what lies above or down below
Or if these fictions only prove how much you’ve really got to lose

At St. Peter’s Cathedral there is stained glass, there’s a steeple that is reaching
Up towards the heavens such ambition never failing to amaze me
It’s either quite a master plan or just chemicals that help us understand
That when our hearts stop ticking this is the end
There’s nothing past this

For those that would consider themselves to be Christians, believers, followers of Jesus — you need to recognize that these lyrics represent the starting place for many, especially across Europe and increasingly in the United States. This is what they believe.

After you’ve recognized this you need to understand why. Listen to them, ask them questions. Why do they believe what they believe? Don’t preach. Just listen. And please, do it in the context of relationship. Don’t grab a stranger and expect them have any vested interest in engaging with you in a spiritual conversation.

And go buy the album. It’s good.