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Brew Methods

I love this site. A new favorite.


This might be the best promotional video for software that I’ve seen…ever.


A Reason for the Tests

My apologies for the last two test posts. In redesigning and re-imagining my site I wanted to be more deliberate about posting links to things I find interesting. Sometimes I’ll comment in detail, but more often I’ll simply link to the site and tell you in one sentence why you should visit. This new format (my linked list) makes the title of my post the link to the website you should visit.

There are two ways you’ll be able to recognize this type of post. One, look over at the date. If there’s a little chain-link icon then you’ll know the title of my post is the link to the website I’m talking about. The other visual indicator is the star (★) at the end of my post. By clicking the star you’ll be taken to the permalink for my post. This is helpful is you’re trying to reblog, or post a link yourself to my post.

And lastly, the RSS feed has been updated to mimic what I’ve just described. If I post a linked list article, the title in your RSS feed should take you directly to the other website, while the star will bring you to my original post.

Hope that makes sense. If not, shoot me question. And if you find that it’s not working for you let me know.

My inspiration for this type of linked list comes from sites like Shawn Blanc and John Gruber.

One More

Sorry, one more test.

Test Link

Test post. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Front Porch Friday

A Nice Redesign

I really like Elliot’s latest redesign of his site. So clean and simple. I hope he keeps it for a while.

I’m ELLIOT JAY STOCKS and I’m a designer, illustrator, speaker, and author. I couldn’t stand my old site any longer, so I nuked it, and this little experiment is what arose in the aftermath. It’s (probably) not here to stay, but it’s designed to serve as a simple starting point that I’ll build upon in the months to come.

Fab Fan

You’ve been invited to buy more things. It’s Fab.


I agree with Shawn. Go buy it.


Hire Me Portland

It’s no secret that I’m looking for a job…no, a new career…in Portland. If you know of anyone that is hiring in the Training, or the Web/Social Media arenas let me know.