Boo Electoral College. Yea Every Vote Counts!

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One Response to Boo Electoral College. Yea Every Vote Counts!

  1. John M. Harris November 9, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    Why not abolish statehood? Just do everything directly with no state or local control… Electoral college is a blend between full democracy and full federal state vote. It works, it’s good, it protects minorities more than straight democracy.

    If we had a direct democratic vote, then we would certainly need at least a 2/3 vote to protect people from a simple majority from disenfranchising minorities. Think “florida 2000” on a national scale otherwise. Total mess…

    Why not run on a platform of “I will veto any bill that makes non-hispanic whites pay any taxes” after all, 75% of US voters are non-hispanic whites. You only need 2/3 of the “non-hispanic white” vote to win a straight national popular vote.

    In addition to requiring a super-majority, we would also need a unified federal process for voting to ensure that every vote is counted the same way. Logistical nightmare.

    Practically speaking, the electoral college works better than the REAL alternative. We are not one big “blob” of America, we are “the United States” – now, if we want to change this, let’s just start over from square one and write a new constitution… Being that we’re the most successful nation in the history of the world thus far based on our constitution, this would seem to be a monumentally stupid move (IMHO)

    So, if we’re only talking about abolishing the electoral college, what country does this? It’s one thing to invent a fantasy and say it’s better than what we have, but what example can we point to of a direct election of a chief executive for a country that would translate well to the US?

    The devil is in the details… I think…