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I Do What?

I’ve been asked by friends and family what I do, and maybe more confusingly, what is Puppet Labs? I thought I would answer both with a very short video.

My job is actually quite simple. I am an Instructional Designer. That means that I create curriculum and training materials for the products that Puppet Labs provides. Puppet Labs provides IT automation software. Confused? You shouldn’t be. It’s not that complicated.

Watch this short video I created to explain what Puppet (the product) is that Puppet Labs (the company) provides.

You Blinded Me with Science

At PuppetConf I spoke with Tim Bell from CERN. He is an unbelievably brilliant man. I listened to him again the next morning as he gave his keynote for the conference. Much of his talk repeated the things he had mentioned the night before. But honestly, the content was so rich I didn’t mind listening again.

He spoke of the research that was taking place at CERN, how it was funded, and about his little sphere of control in the whole project. He talked about how Puppet was being used to help with his research and the research of others at CERN.

When he spoke about the projects taking place, about the things that are being researched, this brilliant man showed his utter inability to explain certain things that are happening, or have happened, in the universe. There are simply things that researches can’t explain. They have no idea why certain things happen the way they do. Of course, this inability to know is what fuels their quest to find out. They research to find the answers to the unknown.

I was really impressed with what seemed like this internal calm…to not know, yet be driven to find out. I usually hate not knowing things. I like to know. I like to have a full deck before a decision is made. But Tim, and his team, and the other researchers at CERN live in this perpetual state of not knowing certain things. And they seem to relish it. It drives them.

Listening to him was a timely reminder for me — to be comfortable yet driven by the unknown.

* Tim Bell’s PuppetConf Keynote

Twitter is the new Happy Days

Hey Twitter, you don’t build a platform/service that’s free and open, build up a ridiculous user base, then change the rules on how the game is played. It’s douchey. It comes across like the kid at the playground who didn’t get his way, called a timeout, grabbed his ball, walked home and left all the other kids thinking “what the hell just happened”.

It’s not our fault you didn’t have a solid business model when you started. Or, if you did and this was it…that’s double douchey.

Twitter is the new Happy Days. The 5th season premiere included the now infamous scene where Fonzie jumped over a shark while water-skiing. Before this episode…great show. After this episode…the decline of a great show. With their new API, Twitter just gave us their 5th season premiere.

Best summary: Ben Brooks.


Maybe it’s time to throw some money at

UPDATE: Another interesting perspective – Chris Bowler

This Week on the Interwebs

Just a quick list of things I found interesting this week on the interwebs…

  • George Mason University Green Machine plays Rage
  • Flash Hockey Fans
  • Brands & a 5 year old
  • Launch Center for the iPhone
  • Simpli Oats via Cool Hunting
  • Clear for the iPhone
  • Taking photos with your iPhone

Tools & Toys

Add this site to your feed reader. It’s good good.

One More

Sorry, one more test.

Test Link

Test post. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Hire Me Portland

It’s no secret that I’m looking for a job…no, a new career…in Portland. If you know of anyone that is hiring in the Training, or the Web/Social Media arenas let me know.


Flight Card

If you’ve booked a flight recently you need to get this app as soon as possible to track your flight. It’s too pretty not to. And if you haven’t booked a flight recently go do that first, then get this app.

Friend Fare Finder

My friends at Sparkloft have created a brilliant social airfare booking applicaiton. The application takes your friend list in Facebook and finds the lowest fare to visit each friend.

Give it a try.