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A Rebirth

It’s not hyperbole to say that this site might be one of the most neglected on the interwebs. Outside my annual top five albums posts I’ve not touched this site in years…for a number of reasons. One, I just didn’t think my voice mattered. Two, for a period of my life I’ve just not had the motivation to write. Three, the process was onerous. While Wordpress is relatively easy to create a blog post I was also dealing with ensuring that PHP was updated, that Wordpress itself was current, that the plugins I used were current, and then there was the whole spam comment nonsense. Not to mention the cost of hosting a site that, while I didn’t want to kill, I wasn’t sure where it would go.

Enter GitHub Pages. My site has always been simple. A post. A video. A photo. No need for fancy. GitHub Pages allows me to host a static site, with posts written in Markdown, and a simple commit -> push workflow to get the post published. I won’t bore you with the details of migrating from Wordpress to GitHub Pages. If you’re curious you can read this. I used it as my guide.

So, 1twentyeight has been reborn. Will I be motivated to write more? Maybe. If I do, will it be easier and far more enticing? Most certainly.