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Good Works

One of the things I’m passionate about is what I would call a Good Works Initiative. Simply, it’s about doing good works for others. Giving back. Assisting. Offering help. Creating something for the betterment of a person, group, or community. Some, like me, are motivated to do good works because of my faith. Not in some under-handed scheme to get the recipient to convert, but because I believe my faith requires nothing less than doing good for others. Others may not be motivated to do good works because of faith in a higher being, but it does not diminish their ability to have an impact on another’s life.

I’m seeing a lot of this good works initiative as I meet and talk with others and as I crawl the interwebs. Here are a few places I see the good works initiative being lived out: (disclaimer: some will be faith based while others will not) is a group of photographers that will be providing free portraits to those that are less fortunate this holiday season.

I-HEART is a movement of people helping people - showing the love of God in practical ways, wherever need exists. Right here, real soon, you’ll find an online community with the sole purpose of offline action - sharing ideas, being inspired, shoulder to shoulder, part of the solution - transforming local initiatives into a collaborative global impact. But in the meantime, let’s take time to look beyond ourselves and truly see others…their worth, their needs, their future. Because it’s together that we love… and think… and act. As one, I-HEART. (from the i-heart website)

The Common allows individuals to sign up for things they need help with, and then the community matches their respective abilities to help meet the need.

Kiva is a micro-finance organization that allows individuals to supply loans to entrepreneurs in many third world countries.

These are just a very small sample of organizations that are providing the opportunity for you and me to do good, to give back, to better the communities we’re a part of. I would like to encourage you to take part in the good works initiative.