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On the Move

Earlier today I sent an email to family and friends, primarily in the US, about a decision I (my wife & I) have made regarding our future in Cardiff. I thought I would re-post parts of it here — for posterity and for those that might be curious.

Chaucer said, in 1394, that “all things come to an end.” Sometime later someone added the word “good”. In either case, so it is with our time living in Cardiff, Wales. I have resigned my position as Director of CommunityOne and at the end of July we will be moving back to the US.

We’ve enjoyed our time here. It’s been a wonderful experience learning & attempting to understand a culture and a people that are not our own. We hope that our efforts to befriend those around us and show them Jesus has made an impact but only God knows for sure. We are confident in knowing that God has had us here for a season and yet are also confident in knowing that it is time to move on.

We have already started telling our friends here, and those I was helping through CommunityOne. And, we have started the process of selling the things we can’t bring back with us and prioritizing the things that will be crated up and shipped back to the States.

If you’re curious, we will be flying back to San Antonio to use Julie’s parents home as a base. But we will most likely be moving from Texas to Portland, Oregon in August. We feel it’s time for a new adventure and Portland is the setting for our next chapter. Currently I have the opportunity to do some contract work for an organization I have been a part of the past couple of years called the Upstream Collective. It’s a part-time position so I will looking for other opportunities as well.

With Love,
Brad, Julie, & the kids

I’ve enjoyed setting up and running CommunityOne. The charity itself and the services it provided will end in July. I am looking to turn Cardiff Connect over to someone that shares the vision of what it was attempting to do. If you’re interested get in touch. I’ll keep you updated with how that’s going.

And if you know of anyone in the Portland area that is hiring let me know. And send them to my HireMePortland site.