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Photographing People—A Project

I recently completed a course offered through ffotogallery called “Photographing People”, which was taught by Toril Brancher. I really enjoyed the course. It was much more than f-stops, shutter speeds, and flash guns. It was a walk through photographic history, paying special attention to those that have specialized in taking photographs of people. We talked about David Hurn, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, and Elinor Carucci, among others. We talked about the qualities in images that we’re drawn to, and how we mere amateurs might have taken a shot differently. I can highly recommend ffotogallery, their instructors, and their courses. This was my second course through ffotogallery, and I plan to take more.

Throughout the 10 week course we were working towards a final project of 10 images based on a theme of our own choosing. My theme was entitled Nuclear. The following images are the 10 I submitted for my project.