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The First Twenty One Days

Three weeks ago I started a self-imposed photography project called Project 50. Project 50’s are fairly popular on Flickr, and where I first heard about them. Project 50 is simple, in theory at least – you take 50 photos over 50 straight days with a 50mm prime lens. I became really interested in doing a Project 50 after seeing this one. However, while Rick’s is fairly consistent throughout, with a cinematic type theme, I wanted to do one that wasn’t quite as specialized or focused. I’m still trying to uncover what type of photography I’m best at because I’m interested in several different genres (urban landscapes, stills, portraits). I thought a Project 50 would be a beneficial way of finding out what type of photograph I’m drawn to most often. And after hearing a talk given by David Hurn I was reminded that you only get better as a photographer by shooting copious amounts of photos. To get these first 21 photographs I’ve shot well over 500 pictures.

I’m learning that inspiration doesn’t come when you want it to, and will most likely come when you least expect it. I’m learning to take my camera with me at all times. I’m learning that as good as a picture may be it’s always an advantage to know how to edit in the darkroom…and by darkroom I mean Lightroom. I’m learning that when you’re shooting more than just the general snapshot, time and focus must be given to ensure a better than average photograph. I’m learning that not everyone will like or appreciate what you’ve shot – and I’m generally okay with that. And I’m learning that I love to take photographs. While the task is daunting, I’m looking forward to reaching the halfway point in a couple days and then completing the project on March 6th.

You can follow my project on Flickr – Project 50.

The two photographs below are: 1 – the most viewed photograph so far. And 2 – my favorite so far.