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The Power of Words and Influence

I was reminded this week, through the newspaper and my kids, about the power of words and influence. The first occurred when I read an article in the Times about Jim Rogers, a big time American investor. According to him, the sterling (or pound), the currency for the UK has lost it’s value. The result of Mr. Rogers words sent the pound to a seven year low against the dollar. While this is great news for us it’s not so great news for the millions of investors here in the UK.

The second occurred as Julie and I were watching the inauguration. Harper and Brooks were off to the side playing when all of the sudden Brooks walked up to the TV and punched it. We paused the inauguration and through a series of questions and answers found out that he hit the TV for no other reason than his big sister told him to. You see, Harper (age 6) is finding out that because of her position as the bigger, older sister she has influence over the actions of her younger, impressionable brother (age 3).

Both of these events got me to thinking. In my circle of friends, family, and acquaintances I must be cognizant of the fact that my words contain power. I can build up or tear down. I can encourage or discourage. And I also carry influence, to some degree, over those in my life. What am I influencing them towards or away from? Does my influence build up the Kingdom or myself?

We must always be mindful of the power of our words and the influence we have.