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Twitter is the new Happy Days

Hey Twitter, you don’t build a platform/service that’s free and open, build up a ridiculous user base, then change the rules on how the game is played. It’s douchey. It comes across like the kid at the playground who didn’t get his way, called a timeout, grabbed his ball, walked home and left all the other kids thinking - what the hell just happened?.

It’s not our fault you didn’t have a solid business model when you started. Or, if you did and this was it…that’s double douchey.

Twitter is the new Happy Days. The 5th season premiere included the now infamous scene where Fonzie jumped over a shark while water-skiing. Before this episode…great show. After this episode…the decline of a great show. With their new API, Twitter just gave us their 5th season premiere.

Best summary: Ben Brooks.


Maybe it’s time to throw some money at

UPDATE: Another interesting perspective – Chris Bowler